Here’s All You Need to Know About The Sixer Bull Run Contest!

16 Sep 2022

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What if we told you that you can win up to 25000* Sixer Reward Coins by just trading in 2.0 fantasy stocks. Amazing, right? That's exactly what the Sixer Bull Run Contest is all about! Here's everything you need to know about the Trade Contest on Sixer 2.0!

Sixer Bull Run Contest Details

Bull Run Contest will be live from 5:30 PM IST, 16th September 2022 to 11:59 PM IST, 30th September 2022. Based on your trading volume during the contest, you will receive rewards based on the reward eligibility, which is as follows:

  1. 5,000 in trading volume, you receive 1,000 Sixer Reward Coins
  2. 10,000 in trading volume, you receive 1,500 Sixer Reward Coins
  3. 2,50,00 in trading volume, you receive 2,500 Sixer Reward Coins
  4. 5,00,00 in trading volume, you receive 5,000 Sixer Reward Coins
  5. 1,00,000 in trading volume, you receive 10,000 Sixer Reward Coins
  6. 2,50,000 in trading volume, you receive 25,000 Sixer Reward Coins

The final rewards are based on the last threshold you cross in trading volume. If you have traded an amount of 66,284 Sixer Coins in trading volume, you will win 5,000 Reward Coins!

Trading Volume Calculation

i. The trading volume will include all of your Sixer 2.0 buy & sell trades from the time of contest start till the time of contest closing. The trading volume will be considered inclusive of any fees you incur on buy/sell trades.

ii. Any stocks sold during the contest duration will be considered in the trading volume calculation even if you bought the stocks before the contest start.

iii. Based on your trading volume during the contest, you will receive rewards based on the reward eligibility mentioned in the previous section.

Bull Run Contest - Terms and Conditions

i. The rewards* will be credited directly to your Sixer Wallet within 72 HOURS of the contest completion.

ii. We know you would love to keep track of your progress in the Trade Contest. To help you out, our team will keep updating you from time-to-time about your progress OR you could always reach out to us too!

iii. Rewards are specific to only ONE account. Two accounts cannot be considered as one for the sake of winning rewards.

iv. Any violation of the Terms and Conditions such as misconduct, use of unparliamentary language, spamming on social handles to name a few will not be entertained and may lead to disqualification.

v. Sixer Team will have the final say in all matters with the team’s decision being final!

Now that we’ve gotten everything set up, all you need to do is trade in your favourite players and stand a chance to win up to 25,000 Sixer Reward Coins

* Reward coins are an exciting new feature that we are launching very soon and similar to your Sixer Coins, they can be utilized for trading fantasy stocks. More details will follow soon

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