Real Market Portfolio Requirements

Checklist for the Sixer App portfolio requirements

Key Facts

There must be at least 3 player stocks held at any time
You cannot sell a player until they have played at least 4 games
Your portfolio value cannot be more than 60% in a single player

How the Requirements Work

You’ve just downloaded the Sixer app, signed up, and funded your account - awesome! To build your first portfolio, you decide to buy the following stocks:
  1. 1. 5 Stocks in Curran
  2. 2. 10 Stocks in Dhoni
  3. 3. 15 Stocks in Gayle
After 2 games, you won’t be able to sell any of your stocks yet. But, after 4 games, you have a few options! You can either:
  1. 1. Close your portfolio and sell all your stocks in each in player
  2. 2. Sell some stocks of a player
  3. 3. Sell all stocks of a player
Everything except for the last option would work, since you have to

minimally hold 3 player stocks at any time

. So if you want to sell all of your Curran stocks, you would have to buy another player first, and


sell Curran.
What’s more is, if you sell half of your Curran and Dhoni stocks, leaving the rest of your allocation in Gayle, you

won’t be allowed to complete the transaction.

Why? Because your remaining portfolio allocation would be more than 60% in Gayle! We want to ensure users are making a fair portfolio and distributing their investments across multiple players, so these checks will always be there to make sure that trading is fair for everyone!

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