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Sixer is a revolutionary fantasy game where you can buy and sell fantasy stocks in cricket players. The better the player plays on the pitch, the price goes up and vice versa. Your role is to predict the future performance of the players and build a portfolio accordingly.
You can buy fantasy stocks at the quoted buy price, track how the price changes as games go on, and sell your fantasy stocks at the quoted sell price.
Remember, prices are determined by player performance, so Sixer is a game that requires immense cricket knowledge, judgement and financial skill to win.

This is a game for cricket fans, by cricket fans. Be prepared to break down matches, analyse player performance, and predict future matches to win big.

The Two Sixer Platforms

Sixer presents two separate games, the Free Market and the Real Market. These two platforms are not related to each other; Sixer Stocks, Pricing, Wallets, and the in-game currency differ between the two platforms, so one is purely for practice and the other is the real deal.

The Real Market

is where the excitement is

Compared to the Free Market, the real market currency are “Sixer Coins” that are pegged to the INR (1 Sixer Coin = 1 INR). You can purchase Sixer Coins through a Debit and Credit Cards, UPI, Wallets, and Internet Banking. At the end of the day, the Real Market is where great fantasy players are made, so what are you waiting for?

The Free Market

is for you understand how the game works

The underlying principles between the Free Market and the Real Market are the same; however, there is no money involved. Instead, each user gets 10K “Sixer Tokens” that cannot be bought, refilled, and have no real value outside the Free Market