Sixer Portfolio Requirements

Checklist for the Sixer App portfolio requirements

Key Facts

You can sell a player after one game if you have 3 or more players
If you have fewer than three players, you need to hold them for at least three games
You can hold a player for a maximum of ten playing XI games

How the Requirements Work

The Sixer Portfolio has the following requirements:
  1. 1. You can create your portfolio with one player
  2. 2. Cannot sell players until they have featured in at least 1 complete game (in the squad) and for a maximum of 10 matches (Included in playing 11) You can close your portfolio, i.e. sell all stocks in all players, anytime after the players have completed at least one game.

Flexi Portfolio

Sixer also has a Flexi Portfolio option - where you can alter the number of matches you can hold a player for with the number of players you own in your portfolio
  1. 1. If you own 1 or 2 players in your portfolio, you hold the players for at least 3 matches
  2. 2. If you own 3 or more players in your portfolio, you can sell your players just after one game

Holding Period

You can buy a fantasy stock at all times except when the concerned player is part of a live match, provided there is sufficient allocation available. The holding period for a fantasy stock is a minimum of one or three matches (in squad) and a maximum of ten matches (in playing 11).
At the completion of the first or third match, you can choose to hold the fantasy stocks or can sell them depending on your knowledge and judgment. However, at the end of the tenth game, the fantasy stock will be automatically sold regardless of whether you wish to hold it for longer.
If you do wish to hold the player for a longer period of time, you would have to trade in that particular player’s fantasy stocks again with the regular 1 or 3 players and a minimum of 3 or 1 match(s) requirements respectively.


To build your first portfolio, you bought the following.
  • 5 stocks in Dravid
       As you have only one player’s stocks, you can sell your stocks after 3 in-squad games. However, if you choose to buy more stocks, such as:
  • 10 stocks in Sehwag
  • 15 stocks in Tendulkar
Then, you will meet the criteria to sell your stocks after just one game as per the Flexi Portfolio requirements. Additionally, you have the option to close your entire portfolio and sell stocks in all your players after one-game.

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