Depositing Money

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Key Facts

You can deposit at least Rs.100 and no more than Rs. 20,00,000 in a month
Sixer accepts deposits through various methods such as Card, UPIs, Wallets, and Net Banking
The amount is credited to your Unallocated Balance Wallet in the form of INR (₹)

Depositing Money

You can deposit the desired amount (min of Rs. 100 and max of 20,00,000 in a month and 1,00,00,000 in a year) via various modes such as Cards, UPI, Wallets, and Net Banking. The amount is credited to your Unallocated Balance Wallet in the form of INR (₹), which can be used on the Sixer platform.
This is an example flow of a full Buying and Selling transaction
A Sixer gamer wants to buy 20 stocks in Rahul Dravid (we know he’s retired, it’s just an example) at ₹50 per stock. Yet the Sixer gamer does not have any money in their Unallocated Balance Wallet. The Sixer gamer needs ₹1000 plus the trading fees and thus uses their credit card to deposit the amount. Once the deposit is successful in the Unallocated Balance Wallet, the gamer can now use the money to buy 20 stocks in Rahul Dravid. When the Sixer Gamer sells these stocks, say at ₹80 per stock for a total value of ₹1,600. They can immediately transfer the amount back to their bank account for a small transaction fee. In this case, the gamer only transfers ₹1,200 and wants to leave 400 for further playing. After the gamer verifies his/her account with the requisite account and PAN details, they can transfer the ₹1,200 and deposit it into their account minus any payment fees.

GST Deduction on Deposits

Under the GST regulations, as of October 1st, 2023 when you deposit funds into your Sixer account, a GST rate of 28% will be applied to the deposited amount. For instance, if you deposit 1000 INR, a portion will be remitted to the government as GST, and your Unutilized Deposit Balance will be adjusted accordingly.
Example: If you deposit 1000 INR, 218.75 INR will be remitted to the government as GST, so 781.25 INR will be credited to your Unutilized Deposit Balance. However, 218.75 will also be added to your Discount Bonus Balance instantly.

Instant Bonus Benefit

To enhance your gaming experience and offset the impact of these changes, Sixer offers an immediate bonus equivalent to the amount deducted from your deposit as a Discount Bonus. This bonus is credited to your account simultaneously with every successful deposit.

How Deposits Work

We’ve partnered with Cashfree to ensure you have a seamless deposit experience. Navigate to “My Account” and click on “Add Money” to select your required deposit amount. Once done, the Cashfree window will open prompting you to select your desired deposit method. This is a secure payment gateway so you can rest assured that the transaction will be done safely and securely. Once completed, your account will be credited with the respective amount, and you can trade them freely on the platform.

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