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Key Facts

Sixer employs a First In First Out approach to calculating realized gain/loss when you sell your stocks
GST is calculated by the payment gateway for each payment method on the fee that is deposited and withdrawn

First in First Out

When selling stocks, Sixer employs a First in First Out approach. If you buy stocks in multiple transactions at different prices, when selling, Sixer will calculate your Realized Gain/Loss based on a First in First Out Approach. Thus, the stocks you sold, will be at the earliest time frame and will move forward as you sell more stocks.


  1. Gamer buys

    10 Stocks

    of Rahul Dravid at


    Per Stock
  2. Gamer buys

    15 Stocks

    of Rahul Dravid at


    Per Stock
  3. Gamer Sells

    12 Stocks

    of Rahul Dravid at


    Per Stock
The Realized gain will be calculated as follows:

10 Stocks 1 (185-150) + 2 stocks at (185-180).

This gives a total realized gain of 350+ 10 = ₹360


GST is calculated by payment gateway on the fee amount that is deposited and withdrawn. The fees depend on which payment method is used.

Payment Gateway and Sixer Fees

The fees

by the payment gateway

depend on which payment method you use, here is a quick summary for deposits:
  1. 1. Credit card = 1.75%
  2. 2. Debit card = 0.50% Under 2,000 INR. 1% above 2,000 INR
  3. 3. UPI = No Charge
  4. 4. Net Banking = 1.7%
  5. 5. Wallets = 2.124%
The GST is a fixed 18% on the charge itself. Example, you want ₹100 and you use Net Banking:
This means that the charge will be 1.7 INR. The GST will be, 18% * 1.7 INR = 0.306. So we will charge you 102.006 INR


For withdrawal, it's the same process. The bank fee is as follows:
  1. 1. 2.5 INR up to 1,000
  2. 2. 5 INR between 1,001 to 10,000
  3. 3. 10 INR above 10,000

Trading Fees:

For every Real Market trade (buy or sell) on the Sixer platform, a trading fee of 0.5% to 6% is applicable based on market conditions and will be charged on the value of the fantasy stocks being traded.

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